Loftus provides you with direct access to an Adelaide-based Service Desk that’s available from 8am to 6pm every South Australian business day. Outside of these times, we’re still contactable 24 hours a day via electronic paging to lend a hand when you need it most.

The Loftus Service Desk takes care of your matters by recording and tracking them through to effective resolution.

What makes our Service Desk different is that our industry certified engineers have been specifically trained to resolve many common technology problems without involving a cast of thousands whereby no one ends up owning your issue. Our other secret is that our senior engineers and architects are literally an office partition or two away thereby facilitating rapid escalation, case transfer, and action around multifaceted problems. This means that from the moment we take your call, we’re working towards a resolution.

Managed Services vs Pay as You Go (Ad Hoc) Support

Loftus appreciates that every business has a different risk profile, operational budget, and preference around how IT is utilised.

Managed Services

Managed Services provides your business with peace of mind that proactive maintenance and preventative upkeep activities are periodically undertaken. This model is akin to having your car routinely serviced under an agreed schedule where baseline activities and costs can be fixed.

Under a Managed Services (maintenance) agreement, Loftus will:

  • Routinely inspect your IT platform (if hosted on premise) to ensure that key physical hardware components – servers, data storage, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, backup devices, and networking switches – are operating at peak efficiency.
  • Regularly patch your servers (whether hosted on premise or the Cloud) with the latest updates to close-out security vulnerabilities and improve stability.
  • Electronically monitor resource consumption – such as processor, memory, and disk usage – to identify trends that may require the repositioning of future plans or changes to the behaviour of software or user activities.
  • Provide you with a report, at scheduled intervals, that summarises tasks conducted as well as recommended actions for the future.
  • Manage technology issues you raise with us, or we electronically detect, via a Service Level Agreement whereby we commit to response and resolution objectives.
    • Pay as You Go Support

      Pay as You Go or Ad Hoc Support is precisely just that. When something goes wrong, you can phone or e-mail the Service Desk where your problem is addressed on a time and materials (T&M) rate. In other words, you contact us when you need us.

      If you’re a small professional services firm without any formal IT representation, you probably don’t have a server room full of equipment that needs tending. Pay as You Go Support may therefore be the perfect fit.

      Pay as You Go Support is also ideal for situations where your internal IT support staff are unable to resolve an issue due to existing workloads, unavailability, or technical complexity.

      Loftus provides a high standard of cost-effective Pay as You Go Support without any lock-in contracts whereby you still have full access to the Service Desk and the wider Loftus team. We also offer discounts for prepaid purchase of block hours.

      Contact Us or phone 1300 LOFTUS (1300 563 887) to discover how our Service Desk can exceed your expectations. No matter what size your business is, we’re happy to help.