Is the security of your business considered a priority?  What are you doing to protect your business against Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is defined as “unauthorised use, misuse, modification, theft or loss of business data”. Data can include protected intellectual property, customer data, business process information, financial reports and access.

It is increasingly prevalent in today’s society, and businesses are now faced with when they will get attacked rather than ‘if’. Unfortunately, it can happen to anybody.

Through extensive research and listening to our customers, Loftus has developed Security as a Service (SaaS) to enable your business  to become more resilient against the threat of Cybercrime. Loftus will assist your business to be more aware of Cyber Security, and what you can do to prevent Cybercrime attacks in your workplace. Loftus SaaS will provide audit reports, security assessments and staff education sessions that will empower your staff to make safe decisions.

Talk to one of our staff members today to discuss how Loftus can make you safer. We are contactable at, or 1300 LOFTUS.

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