As businesses change and evolve, IT systems need to keep pace. This means changing and evolving software platforms and applications, IT infrastructure and IT skills.

For major changes, businesses expect solutions to be developed and implemented using recognised project management methodologies. For a project to be successful, Loftus strives to meet four criteria at the conclusion of a project:

  • Meet planned scope and specification
  • Complete on time and within budget
  • Solve the business problem for which it was intended
  • Adopt by users according to plan

Our project services cover a wide range of disciplines including:

  • Cloud and on-premise infrastructure planning, migration and implementation
  • Software selection, implementation and development
  • Portal design, development and adoption strategy
  • Desktop and remote office service design and implementation
  • Project management as a service
  • IT system reviews and health-checks
  • Consolidation and capacity planning

Loftus projects often involve selection and procurement of equipment and software.

When Loftus is involved in a project, our PMBOK project management methodology and clearly defined escalation process help to substantially lower the risk to our customers. We can further lower project risks by offering a fixed price on most engagements.