Increasing complexity of software, servers, networks, desktops, printers and other IT infrastructure make it difficult for businesses and their in-house IT staff to ensure everything runs smoothly all the time.

Businesses want peace of mind knowing that their systems are proactively maintained to prevent failure, while being monitored for anything unexpected.

Customers who have a Loftus Maintenance Plan have selected some or all of their IT systems to be checked, patched and updated regularly at agreed intervals for a fixed monthly price. A Loftus Maintenance Plan can also include vulnerability assessments.

Some customers extend the maintenance of their IT systems to include real-time monitoring and reporting that can include network equipment, servers and applications again, at a fixed monthly price.

Our customers benefit from lower operational costs and greater system up-time by leveraging our investment in industry-leading maintenance and monitoring tools.

Both our maintenance and monitoring services can be scaled according to changing business needs.