Loftus’ key divisions cover every key aspect to turn the complex into simple; to provide solutions to your IT problems.

  • Project Services
    Tailored project services to suit your individual needs and fulfilling the criteria for success.
  • Platforms
    Using world-wide standard and extended platforms and customising to serve your individual needs.
  • Managed Services
    Professional project management and handling with every service taken care of and accounted for.
  • Cloud Solutions
    Flexible off-site project hosting that has the security and power that you require.
  • Contracting
    On-site contracting of Loftus specialists that work with you and your employees on all IT needs, general or specific.
  • Applications
    Streamlining and automating every-day business processes with standard and custom designed applications that pioneer.
  • Consulting
    Providing professional consulting and expert advice and insights on a wide range of IT-related subjects.