When in-house IT staff go on leave or leave an organisation the skills gap can be challenging to fill. Skill gaps are felt even more so when there is a skill shortage in the market for a popular technology. Filling these gaps can be a strain on any organisations budget.

Businesses may employ in-house skills for general IT but most prefer a contractor with specific skills and knowledge for projects and business needs within defined periods of time.

Many of Loftus’ nearly forty skilled resources spend their time on contract with our customers working through both general and specific IT needs. For example, backfilling service desk or engineering leave, projects which require specialist skills, application implementation and development, or experienced project managers.

Our customers can use our resources on-site for as little as a couple of hours a week or up to the equivalent of a full time resource depending on the needs of the task, assignment, or project.

Discounted and fixed hourly rates apply when using Loftus Contracting.