Our customers expect Loftus to be able to provide advice on a wide range of IT-related subject matters.

For example, if a business is interested in lowering their overall capital IT costs, they may not fully understand the value of consolidating systems, let alone the journey to the cloud.

That’s why we employ a team of consultants that can give expert advice in all IT-related practices, in particular:

  • Cloud integration
  • Application and infrastructure implementation
  • Business continuity, disaster recovery and planning
  • IT service frameworks and processes
  • Infrastructure and security
  • Strategic planning
  • Business case development

Some customers engage Loftus consultants for short advisory workshops and business planning sessions, while others see a broader need to have a consultant embedded in their business for a particular project or requirement over a longer period of time – sometimes weeks or months.

Our consultancy objective is to help our customers reduce costs and business risk at the same time as improving their service quality.