If you’re deciding how to embark on a journey towards the Cloud or you have an environment that needs proactive management, Loftus can help make the complex simple.

Our five stage roadmap allows you to select the entry point that best suits your business and will put you in touch with the right professionals from our team.

Loftus 5 Stage Cloud Roadmap


Free Online Assessment Tool

The ready availability of Cloud computing means that you’re likely to be using it. Cloud based applications that run on your phone and desktop PC include: Gmail, iCloud, YouTube, and Facebook. In the consumer space, these Cloud products have flourished due to low (or even zero) cost to access, their ease of use, and freedom from user maintenance.

What about your business? Are consumer applications even suitable? What about the security and reliability of your data? Is your industry subject to any data-related regulations?

Loftus has helped select the right path forward for geographically dispersed organisations employing several thousand people down to small and nimble ventures where accessibility is paramount. Your path may comprise Cloud computing, traditional on premise infrastructure, or a hybrid solution that yields the benefits of both.

The free Online Cloud Assessment makes the complex simple. In just a handful of minutes, you will have feedback on whether your business appears ready to take flight to the Cloud. Once you’ve answered all the questions, the tool will rate you against our benchmarks for organisational readiness.

If you register with your e-mail address, we will contact you to discuss your options in more detail and provide further suggestions on how you might proceed.

Start your Online Cloud Assessment now, however, if you’d prefer to talk with someone about your needs, please phone us today on 1300 LOFTUS (563 887).

Cloud Recommendation

Migrating workloads to the Cloud can free your business from the shackles of noisy server rooms filled with expensive hardware that only a handful know how to maintain.

But is your business case for moving to the Cloud compelling? Is your situation complicated and you’d like some assistance in thinking it through? Are there any risks and benefits that haven’t been uncovered and could change your decision?

Loftus has developed a proven methodology to determine a clear path forward whether this comprises Cloud computing, on premise infrastructure, or a hybrid of both. Our advice is unbiased and independent ensuring that you’re still in the driver’s seat and able to make the best choice for your business.

Our process is as follows:

  • Over several collaborative workshops, our tertiary qualified and industry certified Cloud Consultants will engage with key stakeholders in your organisation to understand business needs, future plans, risk profile and budgets.
  • A high-level review of existing infrastructure and line-of-business applications is conducted to determine the age and capacity of current hardware and applications.
  • Following additional work conducted at Loftus’ offices, we will present to your Executive Team and provide you with a business orientated report that describes options with a focus on cost, complexity and risk.

A Cloud Recommendation provides your business with clarity and direction at a fixed price so there’s no further obligation from you. It’s all about making complex simple and beautiful.

To arrange for one of our Cloud Consultants to work on your Cloud Recommendation, please Contact Us and we will be in touch. If you’d prefer to talk with someone about your needs, please phone us today on 1300 LOFTUS (563 887).

Implementation and Training

Since 1994, Loftus has been implementing on premise and Cloud-based IT systems for Government and the private sector. Whether you need help with a small part of an existing project or an end-to-end implementation, Loftus can assist regardless of your starting point and final destination.

Loftus has long-standing partnerships with leading industry vendors and proven abilities to work with many more. The benefit to you is our ability to remain independent of single-road thinking and, instead, provide you with the technology that best suits your business.
Migrating business data and users to a new platform can involve significant IT complexity and the potential for business risk. From design and planning, equipment procurement or vendor selection, to installation and configuration, our tertiary qualified and industry certified Team ensure that all activities occur with quality and attention to detail minimising interruption to your business.

Loftus recognises that, without training, any implementation risks falling short of attaining true success. We make sure that you understand your new technology by sharing our knowledge with you. By creating tailored videos and cheat sheets, our training materials go beyond the humdrum of generic paper manuals. The Loftus Team includes professionals that with experience on training diverse groups with varying computer skills.

We have also rescued stalled or failed IT projects where business needs have been unmet. By working closely with key stakeholders, Loftus has been able to overcome technical issues through creative thinking and tailored solutions. We believe that your business is likely to have some unique challenges and that these must be carefully addressed to bring you the best value.

To discuss your project with the Loftus Team, please Contact Us and we will be in touch. If you’d prefer to talk with someone about your needs, please phone us today on 1300 LOFTUS (563 887).

Support and Maintenance

By this stage your IT environment is up and running and delivering all of the business benefits that it should be. How does it feel? How will it be maintained and managed?

Loftus provides you with peace of mind via a Service Level Agreement (SLA) no matter whether your IT is provided via the Cloud, servers within your building, or some combination. The SLA details the terms of the agreement together with expected performance criteria, roles and responsibilities.

Proactive monitoring enables us to identify faults and issues before you do. Alerts are defined and automatically issued to the Loftus Service Desk when a threshold is reached. The Service Desk can then take immediate remedial action or contact you.

And if you need support, we’re available when you need us most. The Loftus Service Desk operates between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm Australian Central Time on normal business days.

The Service Desk is operated in accordance with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards for IT service management. The Service Desk Team utilises modern software to track and manage all service requests through to resolution. All internal and external stakeholders can therefore be kept abreast of any technical issues being worked through. Alarm messages and escalation processes take place if expected performance criteria is not met.

To arrange for one of our Team members to discuss the support and maintenance of your environment, please Contact Us and we will be in touch. If you’d prefer to talk with someone about your needs, please phone us today on 1300 LOFTUS (563 887).

Ongoing Innovation

Your technology journey shouldn’t stop just because your business has made some tough decisions to optimise the delivery of your IT.

This is the really exciting part, crafting the future! It’s about leveraging the most out of your IT and designing or carefully selecting the tools that build your sustainable competitive advantage. It’s about thinking how IT can support forward thinking ideas that will set you apart from your competition.

The future is very much what we make it to be. So, let’s create your future together. We make complex simple and beautiful.

To arrange for one of our Team members to help innovate your future, please Contact Us and we will be in touch. If you’d prefer to talk with someone, please phone us today on 1300 LOFTUS (563 887).