Loftus has had a working partnership with Adelaide-based barbeque manufacturers Weber for the last ten years. Together, Loftus and Weber have developed unique, intelligent solutions improving customer experiences.

Weber’s business generates large sales volumes during a four-month peak period. Loftus ensures that digital downtime does not occur during this peak sales period.Weber trusts Loftus to provide cost effective digital solutions, which satisfy their business needs.

Cooking in the cloud

Loftus remotely manages and supports Weber’s new inventory system. The backup of this system is a critical element developed by Loftus as a failsafe for Weber’s servers.

Loftus developed a cloud solution with multiple backups that, if required, would automatically and seamlessly ensure Weber experienced no ‘downtime’ for both national and international business. The system was rolled out smoothly during December, one of Weber’s busiest months of the year.

The rollout of the new system also empowered Weber’s sales team, enabling them to work remotely using an iPad or iPhone, logging and tracking all data and streamlining a traditionally labour intensive process.

December success! Together, Loftus and Weber are cooking more snags this summer.

Some of the technologies used as a part of this project were:

  • HP Enterprise Servers and Storage
  • Cisco Enterprise Network equipment
  • HP Thin Clients
  • Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure (including Remote Desktop Services)
  • Heterogeneous Apple / PC desktop, notebook tablet, and mobile technology
  • Supported by the Loftus Infrastructure Team and Service Desk