Why Can’t Your IT Manager and CFO Just Get Along?

A pertinent question for the end of the Australian fiscal year: Why can’t your IT Manager and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) just get along? The answer is: they won’t! Unless at least one of them can change their thinking. Seismometers

Do Computers Really Need Servicing?

There’s something most of us use regularly that requires periodic servicing. If you said the A to B ambulatory machine – the motor car – that’s a perfectly satisfactory example but for something completely different, I’m going to say “teeth”!

Big Data, Small Business – Seeing the Picture

Big Data. It’s certainty a trendy term but how can a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) ‘do’ it? We, the good people of Earth, create the equivalent of over 200 billion two-hour HD movies each and every day. It’s all

Microsoft’s Big Year – 2016

2016 is shaping up to be a mammoth year for Microsoft. At the very least as far as version numbering is concerned. If all goes to plan, by this time next year, we’re likely to see an impressive cache of