6 Questions to Ask of Your Data Backups

Regular data backups are one of the best insurance policies your business can have. Much like home and contents insurance, it’s only when there’s a crisis that the policy is really needed. However, for your data backups to be of

Age Discrimination – Is the IT Industry the Worst?

Today’s fresh report into age-based discrimination raises questions about our own workplaces. As business leaders, how have we consciously and unconsciously shown age-related bias? The Australian Human Rights Commission discovered that over one quarter (27%) of people aged 50 years

Buy or Build? Selecting Software for Your Business

At some point your business will be faced with replacing an existing Line of Business (LOB) software application. The reasons for doing so may include one of more of the following: Business has flourished and your existing software has reached

6 Steps to Start Your SharePoint Journey

Microsoft SharePoint has the potential to generate a real Return on Investment for your business by increasing productivity. A well-designed SharePoint environment can assist with: Communication of lists, tasks and alerts to save employees searching disparate sources for information. Organisation,

11 Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

A 2014 survey of over 1,300 respondents revealed that over two-thirds (67%) intend to move to the Cloud within two years. [1] Whilst your ultimate destination may seem clear, there are real reasons why your business shouldn’t become Cloud-bound on

7 Steps to Avoid Computer Virus Infections

Modern life sees us immersed in a sea of e-mail. But as you click through your inbox, how do you tell what’s genuine and what isn’t? This becomes especially tricky if an e-mail appears to come from a legitimate sounding