Since 1994, Loftus has assisted South Australian businesses to make informed choices about their software applications. We can help select an off the shelf solution that meets your needs or develop something special to provide you with a true competitive advantage.

Loftus affords your company with an opportunity seldom found: an advisor who can help you select, augment, or integrate off the shelf software and, if there’s simply nothing offering what you really want, the ability to craft an application just for your business.

The Loftus technical team consists of tertiary qualified and industry certified IT professionals with a passion for designing solutions that reduce complexity, lower risk, and improve efficiency.

In working with Government agencies and the private sector, we have developed a number of commercially available business applications that were designed to elevate efficiency by reducing lengthy manual or semi-automated processes.

Loftus applications help save lives Loftus applications help keep our community safe Loftus applications minimise damage to your property
Loftus applications help provide a better experience for aged care residents Loftus applications help grow your retirement nest egg Loftus applications help you local council deliver better community services

Loftus has developed the following software applications for commercial use: