The Loftus story originated in early March of 1994.

The new Intel Pentium processor was gaining popularity, despite some technical flaws. The graphical Internet web browser Mosaic was first demonstrated just months earlier. Meat Loaf was seeing success in the music charts rather than on dinner plates. And the economy was starting to recover from Paul Keating’s “recession we had to have.”

It was a time when the term “Information and Communications Technology (ICT)” wasn’t even thought of and there was no Google.

In the midst of this, three Adelaide-based consultants could be found working independently on computer applications and infrastructure projects. These counsellors in mainframe and terminal driven technology would observe each other capably performing at customers they shared in common. This led to a brainwave – formalise the overlap of the Venn diagram. To recognise the strength and economy that a combined business operation could offer the Adelaide marketplace.

And so it was that Loftus Computing Services was born to three proud fathers.

Soon thereafter, increased activity at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Courts Administration Authority, and other State Government agencies led to the employment of additional staff. By the late 1990s, Loftus was working with public and private sector businesses in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail and mining to social assistance.

Loftus entered the New Millennium creating software to perform criminal history checks. This first version of CDES exchanged data with Federal Government agencies and was initially utilised to screen teachers working in the South Australian school system.

At the same time, Loftus paved ahead with virtualised Microsoft and Linux based server environments. Customers were offered an optimal mix of infrastructure that reliably protected against viruses and hardware failures whilst providing the flexibility of either Exchange or Zimbra based e-mail.

In 2007, Loftus bolstered its commitment to Red Hat Linux and Open Source technologies by acquiring OpenEra. Loftus worked closely with OpenEra’s customer base and retained familiar faces to ensure a smooth transition of service.

In 2008, Loftus secured software applications Intellectual Property from Huefner Management Systems. This IP acted as the springboard for the expanded Loftus Applications Team to build a number of bespoke systems, including: a Menu Ordering System; a cook-chill production planning scheduler; and a graphically operated Plant and Machinery Management System.

Loftus celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014 with an emphasis on crafting environments that provide reliable, hassle-free computing power whether hosted in the Cloud, an on premise Data Centre, or a hybrid of the two. The intervening years also enabled Loftus to grow its SharePoint practice and help customers leverage the collaborative benefits that the platform can provide.

Technology has changed rapidly since those halcyon days of the mid-1990s. The Internet has proliferated and the web flourished. We no longer watch VHS but stream entertainment on demand. Rather than using the bulky, heavyweight computers of yesteryear, we now work on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Some of our IT has been moved outside of our offices to somewhere we’ve never physically seen but call “the Cloud”. We’re all working in a global economy and, more so than ever, successful business depends on a bedrock of innovative IT.

Today, Loftus employs nearly 30 responsive IT professionals with tertiary qualifications and industry certifications in Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, Cisco, Veeam and Citrix technologies. Each team member has an intimate knowledge of their specialist subject matter, and some have journeyed with us from day one. Our first customers are still with us too – we’re just all a little bit older and wiser.

Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, CFO or IT Manager – together, let’s forge technology solutions for what your business is doing tomorrow.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus, American jazz musician.

Our mantra is: we make complex simple and beautiful.

Contact Us or phone 1300 LOFTUS (1300 563 887) to discover how.

Loftus values the following:

  • Responsiveness – We work in way that is receptive to the needs of our customers and other Loftus team members that we work alongside.
  • Quality and Attention to Detail – Our work is conducted with care and thoroughness so that the best outcome is achieved for the customer and Loftus’ long-term relationship with that customer.
  • Collaboration – We willingly work with others to achieve goals and share knowledge.
  • Innovation – We encourage inventive ideas and approaches.
  • Respect – We treat others with respect and dignity because we believe diversity of skill and background is important.