Loftus builds tailor-made technology solutions for South Australian business.

Our focus is on helping your business leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.

Loftus affords your company with an opportunity seldom found: an advisor who can help you select, augment, or integrate off the shelf software and, if there’s simply nothing offering what you really want, the ability to craft an application just for your business.

We design corporate SharePoint environments, help you select and integrate software, and build bespoke productivity tools.

Our Data Science specialists can help you answer strategic questions by making sense of data that you already have and can readily get. In doing so, we can build tailored models for your business that allow you to make optimised decision making.

We also focus on crafting Cloud and Data Centre hosted solutions that provide reliable, hassle-free computing to springboard from.

Working with State and Local Government, as well as private industry, the Loftus Team is known for an attention to detail and delivering measurable business outcomes. We’re at ease supporting mission critical applications at South Australia’s largest hospital just as we are guiding technology choices for a small professional services firm with a handful of people.

We’re not just an IT company. We’ve been around since 1994 and we’re a business that places crucial emphasis on understanding yours. In doing so, our work focuses on lowering risk, improving efficiency, and reducing complexity through the design of bespoke solutions built upon a bedrock of proven technology.

To deliver this, we’ve assembled a responsive team of tertiary qualified and industry certified IT professionals that have an intimate knowledge of their subject matter.

Our mantra is: we make complex simple and beautiful.

Contact Us or phone 08 8304 8888 to discover how.